A Halloween Makeup Primer

 Posted by on October 27, 2012
Oct 272012

istock_000016365399small-300x198-9889547I am a makeup amateur. No lie. I wear it every single day, but I prefer the look that makes me appear like I’m not wearing any makeup. And to support my claim, I can open up my makeup bag and show you eyeshadow that I bought in honor of my nuptials. Nine years ago. Yes, darling reader, I’m still using the same blush that graced my cheeks on my wedding day. I also wore it in court for my divorce.

When my girlfriend suggested that we go to a fetish ball and dress up, I was super excited. I haven’t dressed up in years. Our conversation went something like this: She has a pith helmet! And a khaki dress! We’re on safari! And I’m the tiger! I’m wearing a white corset! I’m a Siberian tiger! Hold on… If I’m a tiger, I’m going to need makeup. Dammit, I need makeup!

The panic started, so I turned to my favorite social media of choice: Twitter. I sent my SOS out into the Twitterverse and tweeted that I needed makeup advice. Luckily I have some of the most awesome followers in the entire world, and Miss Mandy Lou came to my rescue. It confirmed something I’ve always believed. When in doubt, ask your friends.

Mandy Lou sent me an email full of links. Believe it or not, YouTube has a plethora of how-to makeup videos. Tiger faces, sexy cat faces, cute kitties, tiger stripes on eyelids, cheeks and neck… tigers, tigers everywhere. She also sent me links to her favorite products which was essential because I have so little makeup experience. As I explored techniques and brands, I realized how expensive my Siberian tiger endeavor could be. Even if you buy it at the drug store, makeup adds up. Being the budget- minded girl that I am, I asked for help again. This time aid arrived from my best friend who happens to have an addiction to eye shadow. She doesn’t wear it, but she buys it. I’ve never been so grateful for a friend’s vice.

Face paint, if you decide to go that route, can be purchased from a craft store. It’s mostly marketed for children, so sometimes you can catch a real deal on it. Remember to stay away from oil-based paints, because they smear and clog pores. If you choose to paint with regular makeup, like me, there are some simple things to cut down on costs. Makeup brushes are a great way to do this. Your local art supply store has great brushes. All sorts of brushes, and most art stores don’t carry the markup that department stores do.

Where did I sink the majority of my makeup budget? Primer. Until this Halloween, I had no idea what that was. Yes, I’m that much of a makeup newb. Primer is essential for your skin to hold color or foundation, whether it’s on your eyelids or cheeks. With primer your makeup will cover better and color will last longer. Miss Mandy Lou suggested primer from Urban Decay, and after reading a ton of glowing reviews I bought some

Now I’m watching videos, practicing techniques on the back of my hand and hoping that I’ll be steady enough to manage liquid eyeliner. My best friend is bringing a small suitcase of eyeshadow, and my corset arrived yesterday. The next challenge? Trying to take everything off.