Healing the Divine Feminine

 Posted by on November 30, 2012
Nov 302012

istock_000001722577small-300x199-7929584At this moment in time a paradigm shift is occurring that is reawaking the divine feminine a lot faster than the divine masculine.  Within this shift women are starting to step more into their power by trusting their natural intuitive gifts, stepping outside of the perspective of just being a mother and wife and embracing the power of their sexuality.

This divine feminine awakening will eventually bring balance back to this planet that has been plagued with “patriarchy” for far too long.  The current patriarchal society has sexually suppressed women for so long that they are ashamed of fully expressing themselves sexually without feeling guilt or shame.  On top of that, most of the women I have dated or been in a relationship with have shared with me that they have been sexually abused. Unfortunately, the percentage of women who have been sexually abused is a staggering number.  This has caused many blockages within the modern woman’s psyche and energetic fields.

Although, I am happy to see this movement emerging among women, I am also seeing an imbalanced side of this movement that I feel needs to be addressed.  I am starting to notice that many women are stepping into attempting to be “sexually free” without taking the time to heal, so they can be free from their issues surrounding intimacy.  Having multiple sexual partners and engaging in orgies does not automatically grant you this freedom.  If you are not comfortable expressing yourself sexually, putting yourself in these type of situations could cause more harm than good.  To be “sexually free” is to shed inhibitions influenced by pain from the past that stop you from being fully present and comfortable during intimacy.

Ironically, this freedom has nothing to do with sex itself. It has more to do with forgiveness.  Forgiving those who have taking advantage of you sexually when you allowed yourself to be vulnerable and no longer blaming yourself or holding grudges with someone who has sexually abused you.  All of this is easier said than done because letting go of pain from the past is never an easy task.

There are healing modalities that can help you do just that.  I would suggest looking into the following healing modalities…

  1. Theta Healing – The Theta Healing modality takes you into the theta brain wave state where it is easier for you to reprogram negative thoughts that are tucked away in your subconscious mind.  While you are in this state The Theta Healing practitioner has you repeat healing mantras that replace the negative thoughts and perspectives that serve as the roots of sexual trauma.  Being in this state will be easier for the programming to sink into your subconscious. You can find out more about Theta Healing from Jill Isbell at the following website http://www.clearenergetics.com.
  1. Pranic Healing – The Pranic Healing modality is a non-touch method (that sometimes includes using crystals) to help clear out emotional blockages within your energetic aura field.  These blockages are directly related to your psyche and subconscious mind as well.  The Pranic Healing practitioner will locate the blockages in your aura and sweep them out in person or from long distance.  You can find out more about Pranic Healing from Ursula Lentine at the following link www.ursulalentine.com
  1. Tantric Energy Healing – The Tantric Energy Healing modality is a non-touch modality similar to Pranic Healing except it can heal and bring pleasure at the same time. The Tantric Energy Healer moves your energy up and down your charkas to help clear out the blockages caused by sexual trauma.  This could cause emotional blockages to surface.  In the process you could experience emotional clearing such as crying and visions of painful sexual trauma that was tucked away deep in your subconscious mind.  It is best to allow the pain to surface so you can release the blockages from your system, so you can heal.  It is also possible to experience a wave of energetic orgasms as the practitioner moves their healing energy along your body. I offer this type of healing and you can contact me at adeeperlove9@gmail.com for more information.

Before hiring a healing practitioner, I would advise speaking to them a few times or even meeting them in person if you can and get a feel for them to see if they make you feel comfortable.  There are certain people that claim to have these skills just so they can take advantage of women. Always listen to your intuition, and never let anyone force you into doing anything you don’t feel comfortable with.  I am hearing cases of some men that use “Tantra” and twist it for their own personal sexual gratification.  This causes a problem because so many people already confuse “Tantric Healing” with sex itself.  This is “sacred work” and I make a vow to never use my healing gift to take advantage of anyone.  My service comes from a space of unconditional love.

There are many like myself who are here to assist with the healing of the divine feminine.  It is my honor to do so.  I long for the day when all women can feel safe by being “sexually free” without being taken advantage of.

I also discussed this topic in further detail as a guest on “The Kismet Coach Show” hosted by Kim Afreeka on Blogtalkradio.com. You can listen to the interview here.













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  1. LOVE this post Jason!

    In one’s enthusiasm to be loved and to love, we my find ourselves moving too quickly and too soon.

    Special thanks for sharing the healing practices and for providing excellent advice when interviewing or ‘vetting’ a healer. It’s so important to find someone in alignment with your energy and your needs.

    With deep appreciation for you and your work,