Why I Honor The Divine Feminine

 Posted by on March 8, 2013
Mar 082013

istock_000014680577xsmall-300x199-2899817If you follow my “Deeper Love” movement, you will notice that I always express how much I honor and support women stepping into their feminine power.  Contrary to what some people seem to assume, my admiration for a woman’s power has nothing to do with receiving sexual gratification in return.  There are many reasons why I adore women and the following examples will explain why.


When a soul decides to come to this planet, men plant the seed of that soul inside of a woman and she literally serves as a stargate for the soul to come through.  How could you not honor women when they continue to bring forth the physical manifestation of another human being to guide and love?



We all have the gift of intuition, but the intuition of woman fully in tuned is more powerful and concentrated.  When ancient civilizations thrived, powerful men consulted with powerful women when it came to making important decisions.  They learned to trust the power of a woman’s intuition and benefited greatly by being influenced to make wiser decisions that incorporated the feminine principal (heart perspective) and masculine principal (mind perspective).  I am honored to know several powerful women in my life that I consult with to gain more clarity beyond my own intuition.



A woman who embraces her feminine power will always support a man who is balanced or avidly seeking balance.  She understands that nurturing him by melting him deep into his heart will always bring forth the best in him.  He will be inspired to introduce his unique gift to the world so he can provide what is needed as a natural reciprocation for her loving support.



Women are genies in disguise.  When a woman understands the creative power of her feminine energy and how to openly receive the seeds from her partner, she can bring forth the physical manifestation of opportunities that will benefit the partnership as a whole.  The sexual energy conjured up between a man and woman, along with set intention energetically impregnates a woman’s etheric womb, she then gives birth to what they both desire. A conscious partnership between women and men can build dynasties that shift the world in major ways.



Witnessing a woman being completely comfortable within her body and accepting her feminine power completely for me is just as beautiful as watching a sunset.  Sometimes when I am out and about, I look at the women all around me and imagine them glowing within a white light in a Goddess state.  I can see a beauty and power that most them cannot see within themselves.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I also admire the physical aspects of women like curves, breasts, soft skin and pretty feet etc… Physical features alone does not completely define beauty for me, it is also the combination of her reflecting self love and feminine power that draws me in.


I see women as more than just sexual objects, I see them as beautiful gardens for us to plant seeds within so we can harvest what our hearts desire.  Once we start to honor the feminine again, we will shift as a collective to a higher state of consciousness that supports a balance based on the foundation of unconditional love.  This is why I honor and support women stepping into the power of the divine feminine.