Oct 122013
Discovering the Freedom and Flexibility to be Your Freaky Self

by Leah Shapiro

In the early stages of our relationship, my lover and I decided to have a few mentoring sessions at the Kink Academy. We’re both kinky, and we wanted to learn how to bring our kinks into our relationship in a satisfying & fun way.

Why I Honor The Divine Feminine

 Posted by on March 8, 2013
Mar 082013
Why I Honor The Divine Feminine

If you follow my “Deeper Love” movement, you will notice that I always express how much I honor and support women stepping into their feminine power.  Contrary to what some people seem to assume, my admiration for a woman’s power has nothing to do with receiving sexual gratification in return.  There are many reasons why […]

Where have all the Bond Girls gone?

 Posted by on February 10, 2013
Feb 102013
Where have all the Bond Girls gone?

James Bond movies have never been known to represent women’s rights or champion gender equality, but at least lately they have seen an uprise in stronger and more positive female roles. That’s why Skyfall comes as such a surprise – a swift and definitive return to the days of Octopussy, one that may signal, I’m […]

Know Your Presidents: Justine Lai

 Posted by on April 21, 2011
Apr 212011

By Erin Fae

A series of paintings of aging men and a nubile young woman. Think you know where this is going? Think again.

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Infinite Power and Possibility

 Posted by on December 8, 2010
Dec 082010

By Mako Allen

When it comes to having power, it doesn’t matter if you’re dominant, or submissive. Trust me on this: you are the most powerful being in the entire universe. You can literally do anything. You can use this power to do great good, and despicable evil to anyone