May 292013

istock_000010168672xsmall1-300x199-6715802This article was written by and about adults engaging in consensual age-play.

Finding Daddy Finding Little
by Daddy Vinnie

It started as simple correspondence. For about a week, her words spoke directly to me with the child-like innocence, though she was 25 years old. I was 48. Her captivating writing had awakened the Daddy in me, the one hiding there in plain sight: the teacher; the patient mentor; the parental disciplinarian; the confident voice of reason; the sparkling-eyed playful Daddy; the kinky, deeply taboo Daddy.

She said she would earn a Daddy in time. And she would call him “Daddy” when it was right for her, not before.

We met at a kinky social in San Diego on a Friday night in February. I wore my best black leather. She was looking for a Daddy. So on the way, I stopped and bought candy, stuffing my leather vest pockets with tootsie pops and gummy worms. She wore a gray sweatshirt and jeans and drank a Shirley Temple through a straw. When she arrived, I yelled out “Kiddo,” and she looked up and smiled. I said hello to old friends while watching her make the rounds, a popular newcomer (only her 2nd community event). She made her way to me. I dangled candy from my fingers, and she giggled delightfully, greedily taking it.

After the social, we watched a public flogging at a local club. I stroked her hair and back. When I stopped, she said she liked it when I touched her. No need to tell me twice. I finger-combed her hair throughout the show. Later, we talked in my car, trading stories of our broken roads that brought us to this point in time, our unabashed interest in kink, our fondness for taboo, our attraction to DD/lg. We held hands, kissed shyly, talked until the bars closed, found a late-night coffee shop. The conversation never waned, and we reluctantly called it a night. It was 5:00 am.

My head spun all the next day from fatigue and excitement. We met again Sunday afternoon. She showed me her horse. I showed her my boat, where I lived. We opened the doors of our lives to each other.

It was easy to “play the Daddy” with her.  After all, I am old enough to be her father. Tentatively, she found the courage—and the safety in my arms—to regress, to allow her Little side out to meet me as I am. And as a Daddy, I found creative ways to entice and seduce Lolita to play with me while she was in Little space. I knew my life was changed forever during a particularly tender moment on the boat—when Lolita looked at me and called me “Daddy.”

Lolita and I have been inseparable ever since.


*    *    *    *    *

Lolita Finds Her Daddy
by Lolita Hayes

My name is Lolita Hayes. I’m a 27-year-old mother of two. I’m a full time student, studying Psychology. I’ve lived in several states. I’ve travelled to Europe. I own a horse, dog, and rabbit. I have lived in the fast lane my whole life, and in 27 years my biggest hurdle has been letting out my eight-year-old self at the biological age of 25. Letting go and admitting that I had a regressive self was more difficult than I can put into words, but I have come to a point in my road (Thank you, Daddy) where I have been able to truly identify my whole self. I can really look in the mirror and see this raw ME shining happily back. Being a Little is part of my life and it’s part of who I am today.

So who is this (or should I say, who are these) uncut, uncensored, RAW me(s)?

“Big” is my responsible, adult, vanilla side. “Lolita” is my most deviant, kinky, pre-teen mind-set. “Little” is my 8- to 10-year old side. Innocent, child-like, she is in every sense of the word ME when I was that age. She’s playful, shy, loves candy, toys, eating at fun child-friendly places, coloring, playing with Daddy, being read to, and, of course, Hello Kitty! I cherish each of these headspaces tenderly. (You will meet each of my regressive selves in full in future columns.)

But how did I find a Daddy to share these parts of myself with?

When I first realized in 2009 that I could let out my “Little” side, I knew without a second thought that I wanted a Daddy. However, I wasn’t confident I’d find anyone to fill my needs as a Little. In those beginning months, I convinced myself that whoever might come along would lose interest because I was too lost in the world of DD/lg to really make any strong connections to a caregiver. When it comes to Daddy/little relationships, the emotional/mental/physical connection is vital. It has to run deep enough to spill into the dynamic.

In my ideal visions, I imagined it’d be like one of those moments in a romantic movie where the two make their entrances in slow motion and there’s an instant connection the moment eyes lock. In that moment, you “just know” it’s the right person. Well, come on now, that’s a movie scene! Right? I told myself, “Snap out of it, Lolita, it’s not going to happen like that. You’re going to have to dive in, search for months, lower your unrealistic expectations, and put your vulnerable Little side out there to be hurt a few times before you find the right Daddy!”

No no no! Boy, was I wrong. Everything I could have imagined in my idealistic world came through for me (of course, the slow motion bit is all in my head). Daddy and I had talked online for a couple weeks, and I was excited to meet him in person but kept my expectations minimal. I walked into the community social and there he was, pockets full of my favorite candy and called me “Kiddo” like we had known each other for years. Somehow, the stars aligned for my Little side that night, and when I bounced over for a gummy worm, I just knew he would take care of my Little forever. We talked for hours, and the longer the night drew on, the more we realized how well connected we truly are. There hasn’t been a moment of wasted time ever since for my vulnerable Little side. I’m safe, and I’m his completely.

The point is, I’ve never felt so deeply pulled into “Little space” ever in my life! He’s really helped me be able to give into that part of myself. Something I’ve been craving so badly is now my daily life. I don’t have to hold back anymore. I had been hiding this part of myself for a long time, and being able to allow the real me out within the safety of my dynamic is like a ton of weight off my shoulders. I might be 27 years old, but I’m a newly born Little through and through. My Little side is coming out because I’ve found that partner that sooths all my worries and Little shyness. My Little side has come out because I’ve found my Daddy.

*     *     *     *     *

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