Daddy Vinnie & Lolita Hayes

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This column follows the adventures of Daddy Vinnie and his little girl, Lolita Hayes, a consensual, adult DD/lg relationship. Come along on this pervy yet sex positive journey...

Nov 102013
Types of “Daddies” – Exploring Age Play Archetypes, part two, by Daddy Vinnie

Types of “Daddies” – Exploring Age Play Archetypes, part two, by Daddy Vinnie Last month, we focused on types of “Littles.”  This month, we explore types of Daddies in a Daddy Dominant/little girl  (DD/lg) dynamic, a consensual adult relationship. Just as there are more than 7 billion individuals on this Earth, there is no one […]

Oct 102013
Types of “Littles” - Exploring Age Play Archetypes

Our next two columns will focus on some basic definitions, namely, what is a “Little” and what is a “Daddy” in the Daddy Dominant/little girl (DD/lg) world. In short, we use the term “Little” to refer to the regressed self of the younger person of a DD/lg couple. The “Daddy” is the older person of […]

Aug 022013
A DD/lg Relationship: Starting Out

DD/lg First Steps: BDSM Scene Negotiation Checklist, by Daddy Vinnie The stars have aligned, the sun shines brightly, joy and happiness are on the lips of all your friends and family, something tingles from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.   You’ve met a “Little,” someone with that innocent, tender mix […]

May 292013
An intro to "A Daddy Dom and his little girl" - a new column

This article was written by and about adults engaging in consensual age-play. Finding Daddy Finding Little by Daddy Vinnie It started as simple correspondence. For about a week, her words spoke directly to me with the child-like innocence, though she was 25 years old. I was 48. Her captivating writing had awakened the Daddy in […]