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 Posted by on August 8, 2013
Aug 082013

istock_000025647303xsmall-7213095If you are anything like me, you take your fashion seriously. Our style, after all, is a statement of identity and one of our greatest avenues for self expression. So, when I recently found myself at dinner with two of my favorite toy whores the topic of toy-bag essentials came up. When my turn to contribute came around, I had nothing new to offer to the toy arsenal. However, I found myself – no surprise to my dinner companions – having lots of suggestions for the Fashionista Survival Kit.

1. Band Aid Brand Friction Block Stick

Mainly for preventing rubbing between your feet and your shoes this little wonder is amazing and I carry it with me everywhere I go. Not only does it help stop blisters without the lovely bandage flopping around from the back of your shoe, it also – and perhaps more importantly – stops friction between my oh so lovely voluptuous thighs. It lasts longer than lotions and feels less icky than deodorant. So, yes: you can wear skirts and thigh highs without the annoying rubbing.

2. Portable Flats

Unfortunately for this fashionista, I am often lacking a lackey to carry my toy bag, much less my fashion survival kit. So, I try to keep it to a minimum. Portable flats are an excellent alternative to a second pair of heels, flip flops or sneakers. They draw less attention to my feet – “hey Nina is wearing flip flops with her $400 dress” – and take up less space than a second pair of heels. Most importantly, at the end of the night when the heels MUST come off, they keep my tootsies off the dungeon floor. In addition to having the cute ballerina slipper design and fitting compactly in my bag, the rubber soles are durable enough to make it through the parking lot.

3. Body Powder

Ladies (And Men….and littles, dykes, bois…everyone…) leave the perfume at home. These scents are often overpowering and reapplied only mask body odor temporarily. Instead, I opt for a scented body powder. Body powder absorbs moisture, making you feel clean and look fresh, and the scents tend to be more subtle than sprays. I look for powders that come with sparkles, but your needs may vary.

4. Body Wipes

I prefer to pick up a bulk supply and refill my travel case, but you can pick up hand and body wipes or baby wipes at most grocery checkout counters. They are perfect for everyday uses, but are indispensable to the fashionista who is dungeon bound. Perfect for cleaning questionable surfaces, removing excess lube, fixing runny makeup and most importantly (and honestly) freshening up my pink parts before jumping on that exam table and spreading my legs.

If I’m heading to the dungeon it’s true: I will probably end up naked. Leaving my fashion piled on the floor does not mean that I am abandoning my style: confident, fresh and sexy.

Originally posted January 17, 2011

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  1. This is a huge idea. I pack a necessities bag (though I need to add a few items you’ve mentioned here) when I travel, but so often I need something when I’m out just for the evening. Its time to make a survival kit for my handbag – Thank you Nina!