Amy Shiner


Amy Shiner is an active twenty-five year old who identifies as a Gender Queer Polyamorous Pansexual Submissive. She has been active in the lifestyle for seven years as both a practitioner and a presenter. Amy's experiences include service submission, pain and sexual submission, gender bending, long distance relationships, spirituality and kink, and mentoring new members in the community. In the past she has presented at colleges on BDSM 101 along and being an Alternative Lifestyle Educator. Presently she is widening her base of expertise to include spirituality, how it connects to kink, and demystifying what is out there for the kink community. Read Full Profile ...

Can Buddhism Be A Style of Love and D/s?

 Posted by on September 17, 2012
Sep 172012
Can Buddhism Be A Style of Love and D/s?

Self-love and loving in Buddhism takes on various forms both mentally, emotionally, and physically. Recently Tantra has been a new popular sexual lifestyle which has incorporated not only fulfilling sexual urge but has opened new doors to sexual enlightenment towards others and towards self.  Classes, workshops, and retreats have been created around this way of […]

Monastic Living for the Submissive Mind

 Posted by on August 13, 2012
Aug 132012
Monastic Living for the Submissive Mind

Earlier this week when I was at my local meditation center conversing with my meditation mentor about keeping up with at-home practice.  For those who don’t know… ideally someone meditates in a specific room in their living habitat which is off-limits to sexual activities.  My meditation mentor had suggested that I find a space to do […]

Jul 052012
Submissive Contemplations of Bodhisattva Warriorship

Bodhisattva Warrior, which means attaining enlightenment but foregoing nirvana to help others, is a level of perfection that is far beyond my reaches and understanding to grasp.  I view submission as working on imperfections but being accepted for who I am in the now.   My submission rarely reaches perfection.  There is always something I can work on; […]