Public Sex

 Posted by on December 19, 2013
Dec 192013
Public Sex

By Widow Centauri

Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex (Pat Califia 1994, Cleis Press. San Francisco)

Public Sex is a series of articles that Pat Califia wrote prior to the mid 1990s. If you are not familiar with Pat Califia you are either new to contemporary queer literature or you have been living under a rock. Califia is one of the leading queer writers of modern times.

Aug 042013
Gender Outlaw: On Men, Woman and the Rest of Us

By Widow Centauri

Though Gender Outlaw (Bornstein 1994) is a little bit older I chose to review it as my first review for Fearless Press for two reasons. First, it is a canonical book in the field of trans issues. I often find myself recommending it to friends who know little to nothing about transgender politics.

Hatred in The Hallways

 Posted by on April 23, 2011
Apr 232011

a Book Review

By Widow Centauri
Before I jump right into the nitty gritty of this book I’m going to say a few things.

Yesterday I sat down at a bar in Las Vegas. I found myself sitting between two people I did not know at all. I was sitting between a 35 year old stripper and a man who identified himself as being from Denver…