Aug 222013
Okay, Cupid! (and other horny people on the internet)

By Viola

I am on OkCupid. While I don’t specify that I’m poly, I list myself as “available” instead of “single” and made a point to answer all of the kink-related questions so that the little picture of the dominatrixesque butt shows up on my profile to act as a filter. I specify “no men, no couples.”

Nov 232012
Gay Man Meets Gay Woman and They Live Happily Ever After!

There was a lesbian couple where one partner was dominant and the other partner was a switch. The switch could not always accommodate the dominant partner’s wants and so they discussed opening their relationship to bring in other submissives who would rank below the switch. And they decided to do just that with submissive men! […]

Rubyfruit Jungle

 Posted by on May 20, 2011
May 202011

By Widow Centauri

Gawd forbid you are a dyke who has never read Rubyfruit Jungle. This coming of age tale takes us slowly though the adventures of a young woman, Molly Bolt, who is coming into her own.

Mr. Emphatically Not Gay

 Posted by on September 17, 2010
Sep 172010

by Amethyst Wonder

Unlike last month’s article, this is not about a guy I met online. This is about four guys I met online. I’m lumping them all together because they shared the same annoying trait. Each of these episodes begins the same; they seem like a good fit for something I’m looking for (usually ongoing casual sex). Each of these episodes ends the same; they make some declaration about not being into “any of that gay shit,”