Dec 152013
Junk-Food Sex, Fast-Food Sex and Soul-Food Sex

by T.M. Bernard

Sex and food are two primal urges with more in common than our basic survival. Who can argue that lusting after one another over a good meal is double the corporeal pleasure? On the other hand, gluttony of either leaves lovers sore and aching when they fail to say “enough” or “slow down” before that final tempting morsel.

Sep 182013
The History of Sexuality, Volume One by Michel Foucault (1978 Random House)

By Widow Centauri

If you consider yourself to be sexually open, sexually progressive, and not a prude you need to read The History of Sexuality. Michel Foucault, a French philosopher circa late 1970s, early 1980s, is one of the most progressive thinkers of all time.

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The Sacredness of Dirty Lovemaking

 Posted by on July 30, 2013
Jul 302013
The Sacredness of Dirty Lovemaking

T.M. Bernard

What if your love life depended on your ability to combine your need for safety and commitment with your need to explore your lust and urges? It’s a salient question from any way a person views relationship, but in this context, we will consider it from a tradition currently under the microscope (some might even say attack): monogamy.

F*cking with Purpose

 Posted by on May 11, 2013
May 112013
F*cking with Purpose

By Selina Minx

Sensuality and Ceremony have a long and wonderful history of being used together to achieve tangible effects. From ancient fertility rites to the Tibetan practices of “self cultivation”, from the Tantrists of India to the western sex magick tradition.

Jan 042013
“Excuse Me Can You Fuck Me Like This Please?”

My day job consists of me writing for an instructional porn company for men. Yeah, I know. Of the numerous emails we get from men asking how to be the man that all women want and all men envy, we get a few from the women who have discovered their men buying instructional sex videos. […]

Sex With an Ex

 Posted by on December 12, 2012
Dec 122012
Sex With an Ex

“I know for a FACT that, if I actually wanted to or TRIED, I could fuck ANY ONE of my ex-girlfriends!” My other male co-workers nodded in unison at The Cartoonist’s affirmative statement. “Bullshit,” I replied. I demanded that there was no way in hell any guy I’d already been with could just magically get […]

There Are More Important Things…

 Posted by on December 5, 2012
Dec 052012
There Are More Important Things…

Perhaps the most prevailing trope, the belief to trump all beliefs, about people with disabilities and sex is that we have more important things to worry about, more important things to focus on, than being sexual.  Sex permeates our culture, affecting everything from hemlines on skirts to the way cars are advertised, yet for people […]

Life-Saving Lewdness

 Posted by on November 24, 2012
Nov 242012
Life-Saving Lewdness

You’ve probably all heard that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.  If you’re anything like me, you probably always wondered what the fuck that even meant and why everybody always said it to you when you were scared of something (I personally told all said people to fuck off and fear my wrath if […]

Exorcising Our Sexual Demons

 Posted by on November 8, 2012
Nov 082012
Exorcising Our Sexual Demons

We’ve all inherited many misconceptions about the erotic, causing so much fear and guilt. Some are based on old taboos; others on unrealistic expectations. They are like demons hovering over us, heckling and harassing us. And they’re not as easy to get rid of as we’d like, especially when you’re not quite sure what they […]