Oct 032011

By TM Bernard If you have mammary glands, or simply like/love/marvel them for viewing, snuggling or other pleasures, chances are you have opinions about what they’ve been designed for. Few anatomical regions elicit as much sociopolitical vitriol as the female breast. It’s utilitarian! Cry the lactation crowds. Believe me when I say – having had […]

Super Sex Bugs

 Posted by on July 25, 2011
Jul 252011

and the Mostly-Monogamous Conundrum that Affects Us All

By T.M. Bernard

Medically speaking, we all knew it was bound to happen; new strains of gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted bacterial infection, have developed that are non-responsive to antibiotic treatment.

Dec 022010

By TM Bernard

After twelve years in the pharmaceutical industry selling drugs for everything from the ticker to the tooter, and I now have to admonish anyone for being so naïve as to think the following is news: “Ray Moynihan, journalist and lecturer at the University of Newcastle in Australia, discovered that drug industry employees have worked with paid key opinion leaders to help develop the disease entity