Free the Breasts! A Call For Change

 Posted by on January 24, 2013
Jan 242013
Free the Breasts! A Call For Change

See a shirtless guy running around a beach, pool, mowing the lawn or simply relaxing on a hot day and they won’t even get a second glance.  But imagine you saw a topless woman doing these same activities…you would probably feel some type of offense, or you may sexualize her body or even arrest her, […]

Oct 032011

By TM Bernard If you have mammary glands, or simply like/love/marvel them for viewing, snuggling or other pleasures, chances are you have opinions about what they’ve been designed for. Few anatomical regions elicit as much sociopolitical vitriol as the female breast. It’s utilitarian! Cry the lactation crowds. Believe me when I say – having had […]