Jul 082013
8 Wrong and 1 Right Reason to Have Casual Sex

I have a lot of casual sex (we’re talking a few thousand encounters with a few hundred partners over the last 20 years) and I absolutely love it. The vast majority of my hookups have been pleasurable, some were absolutely mind-blowing, some were crappy, and a couple bordered on abusive. With the exception of the […]

Jun 202013
Casual Sex Relationship Types: Pros and Cons

Broadly speaking, casual sex is sex with little to no emotional attachment or romantic commitment to the partner. But not all casual hookups are created equal. Different types of no strings sex can serve different purposes, and have different pros and cons that will work for some but not for others. I’ve had loads of casual […]

Jun 062013
Why I feel no jealousy

As I wrote in a My Open Relationship Rules, I have no rules for my relationship partners, except one: Use a condom. Everything else is fine with me and/or negotiable. This is apparently an unusual situation: most people in non-monogamous relationships have rules about who, when, where, what, how, and/or how often they can fuck/date/love […]