Ecstatic Dance – How free can you dance?

 Posted by on February 24, 2013
Feb 242013
Ecstatic Dance - How free can you dance?

Sometime ago I was watching a young child hear the rhythm of music and unconsciously translate it into joyful movement. She wasn’t more than a couple dozen months old. She could barely walk, and yet the music made her effortlessly move – up, down, jiggle, wave, stomp – whatever! She was a bubbling euphoric conduit […]

Independence and Interdependence

 Posted by on July 16, 2011
Jul 162011

By C.K. Persons

The United States of America just celebrated its 235th Independence Day. All superficial sentiments aside, the holiday reminds us of the great value of freedom: freedom from anything that strips humans of dignity and freedom for the pursuit of happiness.