Dec 152013
Junk-Food Sex, Fast-Food Sex and Soul-Food Sex

by T.M. Bernard

Sex and food are two primal urges with more in common than our basic survival. Who can argue that lusting after one another over a good meal is double the corporeal pleasure? On the other hand, gluttony of either leaves lovers sore and aching when they fail to say “enough” or “slow down” before that final tempting morsel.

Sexually Free vs. Promiscuous

 Posted by on October 21, 2010
Oct 212010

by TM Bernard

From a spiritual perspective, sexuality is more than just opening our bedroom to a variety of experiences, partners and practices. As I understand it (and to be clear, I consider myself a student, not a teacher), sacred sexuality comes with a lot more responsibility, and requires that we make our choices consciously and with consideration for everyone involved.