Dec 152013
Junk-Food Sex, Fast-Food Sex and Soul-Food Sex

by T.M. Bernard

Sex and food are two primal urges with more in common than our basic survival. Who can argue that lusting after one another over a good meal is double the corporeal pleasure? On the other hand, gluttony of either leaves lovers sore and aching when they fail to say “enough” or “slow down” before that final tempting morsel.

Apr 042011

By Richard Wagner

It’s all over the news. Seniors and elders are still having sex!

I know it’s shocking. But we have the University of Chicago’s National Social Life, Health and Aging Project to blame. Ever since they presented the results of the first comprehensive national survey of sexual attitudes, behaviors and problems among older adults in the United States, the popular culture has been having a field day.

The Sexual Orientation Police

 Posted by on March 10, 2011
Mar 102011

By Amethyst Wonder

So far, I’ve written about Mr. Good on Paper, Mr. Emphatically Not Gay, Mr. Judgy Pants, and Mr. No Short Term Memory. By now, you may be under the mistaken impression that only males are the perpetrators on online social ineptitude. You would be wrong.

This month I’m writing about someone, a female someone, I have named the Sexual Orientation Police.

Human Dignity

 Posted by on February 10, 2011
Feb 102011

By C.K. Persons

The life and dignity of the human person is the foundational belief of Catholic Social Thought. Genesis, the first book of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), highlights the Judeo-Christian belief in the inherent goodness of creation. God calls creation good six times and adds the superlative “very good” on the seventh time

How I Found the Freedom to Be ME

 Posted by on January 28, 2011
Jan 282011

By Leah Shapiro

I remember the first time I heard about the BDSM and Fetish Scene. I must have been ten or twelve. A friend of mine and I had found my Dad’s Playboy magazines, and we curiously flipped through them. I remember seeing a picture of a woman in a black PVC outfit. It was so shiny and cool looking. I wanted to be like that woman!


 Posted by on January 15, 2011
Jan 152011

By CK Persons

What gets you out of bed in the morning? (Or, what/who keeps you in bed in the morning?) What do you view as your purpose in life? What’s your mission? Some answers may spring to mind immediately: my alarm clock, the bright sun, or more significantly, my kids, my job (or, passionate love-making with my partner!)