Mar 232011

By T.M. Bernard

It’s a sexual health conundrum for consumers of antioxidant-rich foods, drinks and facial products: What’s good for your skin may be scrambling your eggs. If babies are in your future, pay attention to the recent health news about popular ingredients in your beverages and cosmetics.

Four Levels of Cosmic Orgasm

 Posted by on February 24, 2011
Feb 242011

By T.M. Bernard

“In Tantra, having an orgasm is more than just a physical release of energy from the genitals. It is a full-bodied state of ecstatic energy that runs throughout your entire body.” Luminessa Enjara

Ecstatic sexuality can be traced to many philosophical and spiritual teachings; to far away lands and cultures that are no longer with us

Jan 182011

By T.M. Bernard

G, Where Did it Go? On the Elusive Gräfenberg Spot
Last year, researchers alarmed ladies and lovers everywhere when they suggested that the G-spot was just a figment of lusty imaginations. According to the identical twin based study based in the UK (those stodgy Brits!) – the design of which was almost immediately criticized – a whole section of female anatomy had gone missing.