Understanding True Intimacy

 Posted by on April 2, 2013
Apr 022013

get-inspired-425x283-300x199-9769925Many of us have been lead into believing intimacy is limited to the act of having sex alone.  Ironically, our misunderstanding of intimacy has influenced the development of unfulfilled sex lives within our relationships.  We base too much of our bonding on a physical aspect alone.  Being fully present and sharing with our romantic partners, friends, family members and even total strangers can lead to an intimate scenario.


I can give you an example of how intimacy can be experienced in a non-sexual way with a total stranger from an experience I had in Asheville, North Carolina.  A friend of mine invited me to come visit her in Asheville. I heard through the grapevine how there is a very spiritual community there and it sounded interesting, so I took her up on the offer.


During my visit, she took me to an event inside of a community hall where people danced freely in silence and meditated to new age music. I choose to meditate on the stage near one of the speakers.  Suddenly, I noticed an attractive woman dancing near me craving my attention.  It was her subtle way of trying to entice me to come dance with her.


Eventually, she came and sat right next to me to meditate.  Soon a beautiful song with intense melodies began to fill the community hall.  I gently grabbed her hand and we both closed our eyes, being fully present within the moment.  When the song ended we bowed to each other and never uttered a single word, not even when the event was over.  It was a perfect example of being intimate without any sexual expectations, a moment of pure unconditional love being shared.  It was arguably one of the most beautiful moments in my life.


Sacred moments of intimacy are experienced when your heart is wide open and your mind is abandoned.  Whenever this is experienced between you and another person, there is a mutual sharing of your unfiltered essence, which is pure love. It takes courage to be fully open in this way because you begin to experience yourself connecting with others outside of the comfort zone of your ego mind’s self identification.


Expressing to your partner from the depths of your soul with honesty and humility will lead to a sacred bonding.  Within that space of sharing and caring is where intimacy is birthed.  This bond will slowly develop a mutual craving that will naturally progress into a sexual intensity, which will lead to the realms of ecstasy.


The key to experiencing intimacy is creating a safe space for you and your partner to be fully open and honest and completely present with one another.  Are you brave enough to be fully nude beyond the shedding of your clothes?  If so, you are ready to take a dive deep into the world of true intimacy.