F*cking with Purpose

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Sensuality and Ceremony have a long and wonderful history of being used together to achieve tangible effects. From ancient fertility rites to the Tibetan practices of “self cultivation”, from the Tantrists of India to the western sex magick tradition. All of these varied cultures developed practices to harness the power of pleasure through ceremony for the purpose of creating change in reality. The states of mind attained through stimulation and orgasm are ideal for magick, manifestation and the ephemeral union with the Divine. Indeed, even the uninitiated achieve a kind of God Consciousness during their orgasmic release.

Those of us in the SM community know that it isn’t just pleasure which raises energy. Any intense emotional or physical sensation can be focused with ritual intent. The shaman beats on his drum, why not apply that hypnotic effect directly to the bare bottom of the seeker? Flogging, bondage, sensory deprivation and blood play have ancient associations to mystical initiations. The very differentness of this act for most people creates a unique kind of brain change which heightens the senses and raises energy.

Beyond the physical energies of the body are the more subtle energy patterns of emotions. This frequency of the spectrum has powerful use as well. Most of us can sense when we are around an angry, ecstatic or miserable person. Passion, Intensity, Clarity, Longing, Yielding, in ceremony these emotional states lend their strength to whatever goal is being attempted.

Rather than use this small space to give inadequate explanation of the vast and varied forms of sex magic throughout history, I will instead offer you a condensation of the most common elements used in the various rituals and ceremonies I have studied.

We can use sex magick to:

Connect with the Divine

Attract the partners you want

Enhance health or healing

Explore pleasure beyond the normal orgasm

Affect change upon reality (ie – manifestation, magick)

Find inspiration

Explore higher states of consciousness

Attract or sustain a non-physical helper

The ingredients in sex magick can include:

Sexual Stimulation (alone, or with a partner or group)

Intense Sensation



Ritual or Ceremony

Chanting, Singing or Intoning

Invocation or Worship of various deities, spirits or demons

Breathing techniques

Breaking Taboos

Bathing or Anointing the body

Sigils and Symbols

Nearly any personal or professional endeavor can be improved with clearer goals and focused energy. Sex magick can enhance both of those aspects, while harnessing an ephemeral third energy of providence, chance or luck. The idea is to magnetize the reality of your choice, and then merge with that possibility. Before beginning, take the time to clear your mind and clarify your purpose. You must have a clear visualization of the outcome that you desire or it won’t work. Some people prefer to work with a sigil, which is an abstract representation of the goal. A sigil must be charged to properly transfer the energy into the goal. Now that you have your vision, it’s time to up the ante with some pleasure-filled “raising of energy” and my personal favorite “releasing energy towards a specific goal”. By using these techniques your sex or masturbation can be used to direct your subtle energy towards fulfilling your other life goals.

The Procedure for a basic Sex Magick spell is:

1. Clarify your purpose

2. Choose an image which represents your desired outcome, or charge an abstract design to represent your desired outcome.

3. Raise emotional energy through ceremony, invocation, ordeal or visualization until you are fully charged.

4. Raise physical energy throughout the entire body using varied sensations (anointing, bathing, worship)

5. Focus on the image as the energy increases through various sensations of pleasure or pain until a peak is achieved.

6. Release and direct the energy into the image or representation of your goal.

7. Release your goal, surrender to fate

You can get creative with this formula. Add in the elements which really get your juices flowing. Connect unabashedly with the Deities which attract you. It is not a sin to copulate with the Gods and Goddesses, in most cases they accept the energy as worship. The energy which is released from a human body during orgasm is incredibly powerful. Many are the non-physical beings which will come to feast if allowed.

The tantrists warn the inexperienced to seek a guide when opening themselves up to the powerful energies of the Kundalini Shakti. Many stories exist of people being unable to integrate the powerful new energies and changes inherent in a classic “Kundalini Awakening”. It is true that these practices open up a vast amount of energy to be directed at will. Take care to purify your heart often as you proceed, lovingly processing the stored emotions and memories which can be shaken loose by powerful waves of sexual energy. This kind of work tends to purify you, inside and out… Which is never a clean process. So, be patient with yourself as you experience unfamiliar emotions and states, keep your channel to the Divine open and tend yourself and your heart with the utmost of care.

Blessings to thee


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