Mistress Simone

At this point in my journey ,I seek to engage with those who desire to explore deeper into their submission, soul and psyche. My main focus is on my professional sessions and community education/activism. As a national educator and community activist, I seek to assist our community by helping educate where I can. I will be pleased to discuss the possibility of speaking to your group, munch, slosh or event. Read Full Profile ...

Play : An Adult Concept

 Posted by on September 25, 2012
Sep 252012
Play : An Adult Concept

“And in the playing of it (games), we come to know ourselves-and each other-more deeply.” ~Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel’s Scion How many of you currently have your cell phones on?  Or will be going upstairs to check your email? Learning to disengage from our electronic world is key to finding your bliss. We have all become […]

The Erotic Edge

 Posted by on August 24, 2012
Aug 242012
The Erotic Edge

**This article addresses erotic knife play. It could be a possible trigger for some. It is intended as an educational article for consenting adults** “A deadly weapon. Sharp. Slick. Seductive. Sliding across the skin slowly, not knowing where it will stop. Caressing the curve of her neck, causing her skin to unconsciously shiver with desire. […]

Jul 172012
“What about me?” The Rights of the Dominant

Much has been written about how a Dominant/Top should care for their submissive/bottom during the evolution of a scene.  Concerns over possible abuse, inaccurate techniques and unsafe surroundings have been discussed, lectured and written about to no end.  As the dominant ones, we are told it is our mandatory responsibility, for all our encounters, to […]