Dec 292013
Innocent and Sublime Paintings of Autumn Skye Morrison

By T.M. Bernard

”Art can be a life shaking experience, or an intimate rendezvous. For me it is both.” – Autumn Skye Morrison

Autumn Skye Morrison is a Canadian painter whose nude art reflects a rare combination; female nudes swathed in broad strokes of color, some paintings set against a backdrop of stark gray

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Jul 242013
Erotic Art: A Market for the Likes of Dirk Westphal

By T.M. Bernard

Dirk Westphal is a German artist whose piece entitled ‘Acrobat on High Heels’ was the Master Award Winner in the Erotic Signatures Collection, Vol. 3. It’s an eye-catching piece

The Haunting of Aunia Kahn

 Posted by on April 25, 2013
Apr 252013
The Haunting of Aunia Kahn

By T.M. Bernard

Her images are haunting, eerie, sensual and provocative. Rich in symbolism, sparse in color selection, though not in hue, the figurative works by Aunie Kahn, a world-recognized self-taught American artist, reflects a childhood marred by abuse and pain. Kahn sought refuge through creativity and the arts, to facilitate the healing process

Braggin’ About Satirical Erotic Art

 Posted by on October 5, 2011
Oct 052011

By TM Bernard You’ll never know what you might find in a moving sale, what bargain deal or, in this case, eye candy of the erotic kind winking at you in from behind dusty shelves. “Who made those?” I inquired, pointing at one of a three series of etchings that were uniquely naughty. It was […]

Sep 102011

By TM Bernard The first time I discovered the salacious attraction of porn I was young, perhaps eight. A friend next door found a pack of playing cards with pornographic images on them in her parent’s room, and a group of us huddled in hushed wonderment – filled with fear, fascination and disgust – staring […]

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Moscow’s First Sex Museum Opens

 Posted by on August 14, 2011
Aug 142011

By T.M. Bernard

A caricature of the US president battling Russia’s Vladimir Putin is the main draw at Moscow’s first sex museum, the cleverly named Tochka G (”G Spot”) located in one of the cities famous touristy streets. Controversy surrounding the new museum isn’t limited…

Jun 292011

by T.M. Bernard

Though calling his creations ’erotic’ is a stretch, there’s an abundance of sensual feeling in the surreal, other worldly creations of Daniel Merriam, a self-taught artist who works include fine art, illustrations, animation art and bronze sculptures.

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Jan 262011

By T.M. Bernard

I met Debi Oulu through a mutual contact, and when she invited me to her latest exhibit, I eagerly agreed. Married with three children, in that ambiguous space just past youth and on first appearances living a conventional life, just what was this Tel Aviv suburbanite doing in her studio to create such a fuss in certain art circles?