The Magic of Modern Mythology

 Posted by on August 30, 2013
Aug 302013
The Magic of Modern Mythology

By Bex vanKoot

When most people nowadays – pagan, monotheist, athiest or otherwise – think of the word “myth”, we typically imagine sacred stories of other times and cultures, things that may-or-may-not have happened long ago


 Posted by on August 15, 2012
Aug 152012

Modern mythology can be an amazing tool to bring the sacred into our lives, to change the way we think about the world for the better… but it is also used, often unconsciously, to preserve prejudice, support misinformation and perpetuate violence Virginity What were you taught about your virginity? How did this play out in […]

A whore by any other name…

 Posted by on October 2, 2011
Oct 022011

By Bex vanKoot No doubt even those among us who aren’t privy to the sacred sex newswire have heard about the raids on Goddess Temples in Pheonix and Sedona recently. The debate among the local community and pagan community alike have been greatly divided, with comments ranging from the greatest depths of sex-negativity all the […]

The Great Divide – Part 2

 Posted by on September 1, 2011
Sep 012011

The Great Divide: Between Men and Women in the Ancient Americas

Transgenderism in Myth, Part Two

By Bex vanKoot

Last month we discussed transgender archetypes and myths in the “classical” world of Greece and Rome. The myths and names we are most familiar with aren’t the only ones haunting our past, as transgenderism, bisexuality and other queer issues were once a mainstay of popular culture in the ancient Americas as well!

The Great Divide

 Posted by on July 23, 2011
Jul 232011

Bridging Gender in the Classical World

By Bex vanKoot

Transgenderism in Myth, Part One

In our modern North American mythology, gender is often characterized as clear cut. A man has a penis, a woman has a vagina; these physical characteristics, we are told, define our existence, our priorities, our bodies and our minds, our roles in life and in love.

Jul 082011

By Bex vanKoot

We all serve something. Whether we spend our hours serving a lover, a family, a job, a country, an ideal or even ourselves, we all serve. It is what we serve that defines our lives. I serve love, and not just any love, but sacred, abundant, unconditional love.