Either/Or verses Multiplicity

 Posted by on September 20, 2013
Sep 202013
Either/Or verses Multiplicity

By Selina Minx

Current research in quantum mechanics shows us that modern conception of “freedom of choice” is a actually a quite limited perspective. The idea that we must choose between two things is a monumental mistake based on earlier theories of mathematics and reality. While many of us were learning our basic math, quantum physics was just a wild little dream in a few physicists’ kinky little heads.

The Magic of Modern Mythology

 Posted by on August 30, 2013
Aug 302013
The Magic of Modern Mythology

By Bex vanKoot

When most people nowadays – pagan, monotheist, athiest or otherwise – think of the word “myth”, we typically imagine sacred stories of other times and cultures, things that may-or-may-not have happened long ago

The Sacredness of Dirty Lovemaking

 Posted by on July 30, 2013
Jul 302013
The Sacredness of Dirty Lovemaking

T.M. Bernard

What if your love life depended on your ability to combine your need for safety and commitment with your need to explore your lust and urges? It’s a salient question from any way a person views relationship, but in this context, we will consider it from a tradition currently under the microscope (some might even say attack): monogamy.

Gas Station Buddha

 Posted by on April 17, 2013
Apr 172013
Gas Station Buddha

Wednesday was a really big day in the world.  A good chunk of the world, non-Catholics and Catholics alike, stopped to see who the new pope was.  This has been a popular topic among both religious and spiritual beings and atheists; I mean who knew a pope could retire, and although the pope’s jurisdiction only […]

Apr 042013
Multiple Identities = Multiple Forms of Oppression

By Shanna Katz

I’m part of the LGBTQ community. Sometimes it isn’t that great; I have less rights than many members of our society, I can be fired just for being queer in many states, and while hate crimes laws exist, it doesn’t prohibit bullying of folks like me, the stares, being yelled at and told I’m sinning, and so on.

Nov 072012
There’s a reason the words “sexy fundamentalists” are rarely used together.

I had a stranger on Facebook — one who looked to be a conservative Christian by the profile — ask me, “What exactly is sexology and why do we need to study it? Is there some purpose for it? Most people know how to have babies. Just trying to understand.” It was an important and […]

Aug 302012
Interview with Fran Fisher RN, Ph.D author of "In the Name of God, Why?"

Your Book “In the Name of God, Why?  Ex-Catholic Nuns Speak Out about Sexual Repression, Abuse & Ultimate Liberation” tackles a taboo topic, what inspired to you to collect these stories and share them with the public? Originally my book was my dissertation, written as part of the requirement for my Ph.D.  It was modified […]