2 Cut, Or Not 2 Cut — Part 1

 Posted by on August 26, 2013
Aug 262013
2 Cut, Or Not 2 Cut — Part 1

By Richard Wagner

Sometimes culturally established practices conflict with sound sexual health imperatives. Nowhere is this clash more obvious than in the touchy issue of circumcision in general, and infant circumcision in particular.

Some unaltered adult men; as well as many prospective parents are confused and conflicted about the practice.

Aroma of Concern

 Posted by on August 10, 2013
Aug 102013
Aroma of Concern

by Dr. Brian

No one wants to go down on the woman with the stinky vagina. So, here is some information that will insure your hoo-ha gets the amount of oral attention you want. Poor hygiene is a common cause of bad vaginal odor. Good personal hygiene is just the use of plain soap and clean water to remove schmegma (Vagina cheese) and the associated odor. Wear loose cotton clothing to help eliminate vaginal odor.

Men Of A Certain Age

 Posted by on September 3, 2011
Sep 032011

By Richard Wagner

There been some interest, on the part of some of my age peers, as to a possible link between masturbation and prostate cancer for us older guys.

I’ve been reading the literature on this topic for years. Every now and again a study will pop up that claims to provide a definitive answer to this perennial question.

The Big Fat Four Letter Word: Diet

 Posted by on July 3, 2011
Jul 032011

By lunaKM

As children we learn that there are bad words but the worst of them are four-letter words. We’ll hiss and point and swear to tattle on anyone you catch saying those four-letter words but still you might whisper it under your breath just to see what bad juju it might have.

Apr 042011

By Richard Wagner

It’s all over the news. Seniors and elders are still having sex!

I know it’s shocking. But we have the University of Chicago’s National Social Life, Health and Aging Project to blame. Ever since they presented the results of the first comprehensive national survey of sexual attitudes, behaviors and problems among older adults in the United States, the popular culture has been having a field day.

Mar 232011

By T.M. Bernard

It’s a sexual health conundrum for consumers of antioxidant-rich foods, drinks and facial products: What’s good for your skin may be scrambling your eggs. If babies are in your future, pay attention to the recent health news about popular ingredients in your beverages and cosmetics.

Screening Your Play Partners

 Posted by on June 2, 2010
Jun 022010

OR  How to Avoid Becoming a Defendant in a Wrongful Death Suit Playing hard and getting your bottom’s heart rate up to a respectable level with pain, fear or sexual excitement is not a bad thing and often the goal of a scene.  How do you know your play partner can handle what you’re giving?  […]