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How Do They Do It?

 Posted by on April 26, 2011
Apr 262011

By Micah Schneider

Two weeks ago, my family welcomed the newest member of our family. He’s a beautiful little boy, and we’re happy beyond belief. But I can’t keep shaking the same thought, every single day. I look at my son, and shake my head.

Nothing is Beyond Conversation

 Posted by on March 7, 2011
Mar 072011

By Micah Schneider

There really isn’t a lot a difference between writing an advice column for polys than writing for mono folks. Aside from occasionally needing Venn diagrams to describe our relationships, we’ve got the same problems and issues to overcome. We share in many of the same hopes and dreams. My topic this time comes from a friend of mine, and it applies to everyone, regardless of relationship style.

Unexpected Resources

 Posted by on January 25, 2011
Jan 252011

By Micah Schneider

I recently spent the weekend at one of my favorite conventions of the entire year. Arisia is the largest sci-fi convention in New England. Almost three thousand geeks, nerds and freaks of every kind come together in a four-day gathering unlike any other conference I’ve attended.

Priorities and Polyamory

 Posted by on October 24, 2010
Oct 242010

By Micah Schneider

Time is the one thing you can never have enough of, and time management is an essential relationship skill, particularly for poly people. There are only so many hours in the day, and after all of the stuff you have to do, figuring out how to juggle your partners and their wants and needs can be daunting.

All Publicity Is Good?

 Posted by on October 9, 2010
Oct 092010

By Micah Schneider

One of the first things you learn in the polyamory world is that there are at least as many ways to be poly as there are people who are poly. As polyamory in its many forms becomes more visible in mainstream culture, we will all benefit by this exposure. People will understand that polys are not that much different from everyone else.

Column Introduction

 Posted by on August 29, 2010
Aug 292010

by Micah Schnieder

I always love it when the Universe provides me with ready-made answers, don’t you? When I was first asked to write a column on polyamory for fearlesspress.com, I was immediately hit by all the possibilities. What to write about first? Where to start?