Mar 052013
Putting the Kink On: a New Take on an Old Opera

L’Elisir D’Amore is a fairly light romantic comedy, famous for its beautiful aria “Una Furtiva Lagrima,” but its latest production at the Metropolitan Opera is far from being simply comedic. Instead, it has both political implications (it is set during the beginning of the Italian independence movement) and, what appeals to me even more, definite […]

Where have all the Bond Girls gone?

 Posted by on February 10, 2013
Feb 102013
Where have all the Bond Girls gone?

James Bond movies have never been known to represent women’s rights or champion gender equality, but at least lately they have seen an uprise in stronger and more positive female roles. That’s why Skyfall comes as such a surprise – a swift and definitive return to the days of Octopussy, one that may signal, I’m […]

Jan 182013
The Real Danger of Red: "Once Upon a Time" of female sexuality

The story of Little Red Riding Hood has been retold so many times, I have trouble remembering the original, Brothers Grimm, version. It’s a perfectly concise and effective way to teach a double-lesson: one for the younger children, about the dangers of the world around them – listen to mommy, don’t talk to strangers, or […]