Freedom of Fashion

 Posted by on January 8, 2013
Jan 082013
Freedom of Fashion

In a previous article, I touched on how our culture tells us that fashion is a female thing and while men can still be interested in it, it’s almost always coming from a female perspective (i.e. women’s fashions). There’s really a lot more to be said on this subject, especially when it comes to how […]

Oh the Fur!

 Posted by on December 19, 2012
Dec 192012
Oh the Fur!

This fall and winter the fashion world has embraced fur again. Open any magazine and you’ll see fur trimmed collars, hats, boots… Fur was all over those dang pages. When I purchased the enormous fall issue of Vogue, I remember feeling appalled at all the fur. I couldn’t believe that designers were revisiting it. Hadn’t […]

Oct 312012
Halloween Costumes Enforcing Gender Roles

Today is Halloween, which means eating candy until you puke, prank calling everyone you know and dressing up in fabulous costumes. Speaking of costumes, Have you noticed how Halloween costumes seem to be…designed differently for men and women? Costumes seem to always be gendered and clearly “belong” to one gender or another. And not just […]

Oct 242012
Dressing for the Seasons, Autumn Accessories

As the bright greens of summer fade into the golden hues of fall, the way most of us dress will change with the seasons. While some of us live in climates that don’t vary much as the world tilts on its axis, many of us see more drastic changes in temperature. The transitional periods can make […]