For Prospective Parents

 Posted by on September 8, 2013
Sep 082013
For Prospective Parents

By Richard Wagner
Dr Dick, my husband and I have been arguing about circumcising our son since we learned we were pregnant with a boy. It is really putting a real strain on our marriage. He is not circumcised and he wants the same for our son. But the men in my family are all circumcised; and I was taught it was a serious matter of health and hygiene. Would you mind weighing in on this? The birth of our son should be a time for celebration not conflict.

Seeing Past the Sex to the Education

 Posted by on March 11, 2011
Mar 112011


Seeing Past the Sex to the Education: A Manifesto on Why We Need Good Sex Education

Periodically a controversy arises in the world of education about what is and isn’t suitable to teach our youth and young adults. Religious groups, parent organizations, businesses, academics and politicians have all taken turns weighing in on a variety of issues of ranging from drug education to the merits of teaching intelligent design in science courses.