I want my cake…but can I eat it too?

 Posted by on September 22, 2010
Sep 222010

by N

While compiling ideas for the latest segment of“Burlesque And The City”, I had some strong emotions flooding my mind about a past relationship, one from which I am still healing. My heart was broken and I was left standing alone wondering what went wrong. How one minute I could be madly, deeply in love, and the next realize that your lover wants nothing of the sort.

Jun 032010

by N

I am a burlesque performer, a burlesque performer who measurements do not fall into the category of 36-24-36 but more like 43-36-42. I am a size 12 and not a size 2. My stomach pops out and from certain angles, makes me look more pregnant than toned. My ass is full of cellulite and my arms are flabby.