The Face of a Fat Bride

 Posted by on May 8, 2011
May 082011

By lunaKM

No one has ever told me that I will make a beautiful bride. I’ve never heard the words “stunning” in reference to me in my wedding dress. It’s always been pretty or slimming or simple. Yet I know that I will be the most beautiful bride for my future husband, because he has chosen me.

Mar 012011

By lunaKM

Since moving last summer I’ve had to find new places to get my hair done, where to get my groceries and my favorite spots to eat. One thing I haven’t found yet is a doctor. I dread looking for a new primary physician. Ever since I was a teen

Feb 032011

By lunaKM

Chubby, chunky, curvy, rubenesque, round, plump, buxum, zaftig, plus-sized, bbw (big beautiful woman), ssbbw (super-sized big beautiful woman) and many more….

Why is it that when a woman is fat, they all of a sudden have all these descriptive labels they can slap on that fat?

Fat Can Be Sexy

 Posted by on January 3, 2011
Jan 032011

By lunaKM

Hi, I’m luna and I’m fat. Not just fat, but obese, or in medical terms I’m morbidly obese. I’m comfortable being fat. It’s who I am and how I see the world. I like that I’m soft and curvy. My embracing being fat has become a enlightening experience.

Emulation vs. Imitation

 Posted by on December 18, 2010
Dec 182010

I’m standing in my closet, staring aimlessly, hoping that something new will magically appear. Something sexy; something special; something that makes them say wow! Yes, it’s that time again. I’m getting ready to go to a fetish event- a New Year’s fetish party. It’s gonna have to be awesome. Unfortunately, my budget right now is […]

Jun 032010

by N

I am a burlesque performer, a burlesque performer who measurements do not fall into the category of 36-24-36 but more like 43-36-42. I am a size 12 and not a size 2. My stomach pops out and from certain angles, makes me look more pregnant than toned. My ass is full of cellulite and my arms are flabby.