Oct 122013
Discovering the Freedom and Flexibility to be Your Freaky Self

by Leah Shapiro

In the early stages of our relationship, my lover and I decided to have a few mentoring sessions at the Kink Academy. We’re both kinky, and we wanted to learn how to bring our kinks into our relationship in a satisfying & fun way.


 Posted by on May 12, 2011
May 122011

By Graydancer

I confess, I’m a “self-improvement” junkie. I love reading books on lifehacking, on how to get shit done, how to change your four-hour work habits for highly-effective Secrets of the 50 Cent Solution. At the same time, I tend to see the world through kink-colored glasses

Mar 012011

By lunaKM

Since moving last summer I’ve had to find new places to get my hair done, where to get my groceries and my favorite spots to eat. One thing I haven’t found yet is a doctor. I dread looking for a new primary physician. Ever since I was a teen