Nov 212012
Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey - A Review

Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey is a great concept, having the trilogy ‘read round the world’ and discussed by professional writers. The potential for insight & reasoning is huge. The Fifty Shades Trilogy has raised a lot of libidos and a lot of hackles, so there’s a wide range of reactions to explore. There are a […]

Leather Storytelling: Roving Pack, a Novel

 Posted by on September 23, 2012
Sep 232012
Leather Storytelling: Roving Pack, a Novel

Imagine you’ve been kicked out of your home for being queer, and you’ve just run away with your first Daddy. The relationship doesn’t work out, and you decide to go move back to Portland, Oregon…. That is how Sassafras Lowrey’s debut novel, Roving Pack, begins. Roving Pack transports the reader to the gritty underground Portland, […]

Aug 302012
Interview with Fran Fisher RN, Ph.D author of "In the Name of God, Why?"

Your Book “In the Name of God, Why?  Ex-Catholic Nuns Speak Out about Sexual Repression, Abuse & Ultimate Liberation” tackles a taboo topic, what inspired to you to collect these stories and share them with the public? Originally my book was my dissertation, written as part of the requirement for my Ph.D.  It was modified […]

Soft Porn – Whitney Lee’s Rugs

 Posted by on August 26, 2012
Aug 262012
Soft Porn - Whitney Lee's Rugs

Do you remember that latch-hook rug hanging on your grandma’s wall? It may have been orange and brown, with a hint of avocado. Maybe you’ve only come across them at thrift stores. You might have gotten a kit as a child and pulled those tiny pieces of yarn through their plastic frames. However you encountered […]

Aug 012012
Queers, Sex Workers and Renegades: A Coloring Book

What we call magic markers in North America, Australians call Textra. Have no doubt, though: Alrene Textaqueen makes magic with felt tipped pens. Textaqueen loves markers and she loves her fierce queer community. She’s spent the past ten years drawing women and genderqueer folk “un-dressed-up” in her series of portraits entitled Textranudes. Textaqueen’s work feels […]

Porcelain Figures with a Twist

 Posted by on July 23, 2012
Jul 232012
Porcelain Figures with a Twist

One thing I vividly remember from my youth is the fervor with which my mother collected Lladró…and I just didn’t get it. I wasn’t the sort that liked dolls and dress-up (though I do now), so I could not understand what it was about these porcelain sculptures that she liked so enjoyed. If my mother […]

A whore by any other name…

 Posted by on October 2, 2011
Oct 022011

By Bex vanKoot No doubt even those among us who aren’t privy to the sacred sex newswire have heard about the raids on Goddess Temples in Pheonix and Sedona recently. The debate among the local community and pagan community alike have been greatly divided, with comments ranging from the greatest depths of sex-negativity all the […]

French Knots

 Posted by on September 28, 2011
Sep 282011

By Erin Fae It’s no secret that I love all things vintage. Show me a scene with 1950s gender roles, and I swoon. Put me in a library packed with books about Victorian mourning and indulge me in 19th century vice. I am in heaven. What I love even more, however, is turning vintage inside-out […]