Jun 242013
Getting What You Want - 3 Things NOT to do

by AliceSin Aerie

The most sure-fire way to get what you want out of any interaction is breathtakingly simple: make the other party want to give it to you.
Anyone can use negative tactics & force get what they want in the short term, the savvy kinkster creates positive experiences to forge connections that keep on giving over time. To that end, I’ve listed my top three pet peeves in the community – the best thing about these negative behaviors is that they are great examples of what not to do.

Venturing into the Kink Community

 Posted by on June 8, 2013
Jun 082013
Venturing into the Kink Community

By AliceSin Aerie

Whether you have just stumbled into a new fascination or have been a long time private player, starting out in the social world of the kink community can be daunting. Some basic information will help you put your best foot forward.

Feeling left out…

 Posted by on November 6, 2012
Nov 062012
Feeling left out…

Last weekend was another example of wishing I could be in two places at once. I was originally going to be attending the Good Vibrations “Sex Summit”, a day-long conference featuring some of the most coveted educators and activists in the field. It seems that almost every weekend, across the USA, there is some sort […]

Nov 032010

By Mike Skiff

“Kink Crusaders” is the story of the world’s oldest Kink/Fetish competition – the International Mr. Leather contest. And as Mistress Eve says: “It’s not just for ‘white gay males’ anymore…And I like that!” IML has grown from a beauty pageant in 1979

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Sep 182010

By AliceSin Aerie

Not long ago, in a place just near by, I was hosting a kink community party. No dress code was required at the establishment, but dressing for the theme, in fetish wear or basic black was strongly encouraged. As the clock neared closing time and the crowd began to thin, terrific screams could be heard from the back…