Queer as Who? : Defining Queerness

 Posted by on December 27, 2013
Dec 272013
Queer as Who? : Defining Queerness


Many years ago, as a bright-eyed and optimistic undergraduate college student, I attempted to join my university’s LBGTQ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgendered, and Queer) organization. Notice I said “attempted,” not succeeded in joining.

Apr 042013
Multiple Identities = Multiple Forms of Oppression

By Shanna Katz

I’m part of the LGBTQ community. Sometimes it isn’t that great; I have less rights than many members of our society, I can be fired just for being queer in many states, and while hate crimes laws exist, it doesn’t prohibit bullying of folks like me, the stares, being yelled at and told I’m sinning, and so on.

Blossoming Affection as Activism

 Posted by on December 16, 2012
Dec 162012
Blossoming Affection as Activism

When last I visited my Seattle boyfriend, we were holding hands in public on our way to a movie in the downtown area. After many years of therapy and self-work to rid myself of abusive religion in my childhood, I was proud of myself for being so comfortable — almost unconscious about expressing basic affection […]

Queer Identity #2

 Posted by on August 2, 2011
Aug 022011

By Shanna Katz

This month’s Out of the Box identity is another look at a different person’s Queer identity. Krystal Marie is a recent college graduate who has been kind enough to share with us her take on her Queer identity, as well as the intersections that come with her other identities.

Pissing on the Oyster

 Posted by on March 19, 2011
Mar 192011

By Viola
There are certain pillars of the kink/BDSM/fetish/leather communities that have been pushing the following message:

“Queer organizers realized that if someone knew a gay or lesbian person, they were less likely to discriminate against them. The problem was that most people didn’t know an openly gay person.