The Culture of Radical Sex?

 Posted by on November 4, 2012
Nov 042012
The Culture of Radical Sex?

In 1994, Pat Califia committed her thoughts on gender, sexuality, censorship, kink, prostitution, safer sex, and leather to print in a book titled Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex. As an outspoken, self-identified leather dyke, Califia took on laymen and academics alike for “white-washing” and “sanitizing” sex and its transformative and radical abilities. She […]

Feb 032011

By lunaKM

Chubby, chunky, curvy, rubenesque, round, plump, buxum, zaftig, plus-sized, bbw (big beautiful woman), ssbbw (super-sized big beautiful woman) and many more….

Why is it that when a woman is fat, they all of a sudden have all these descriptive labels they can slap on that fat?

Fat Can Be Sexy

 Posted by on January 3, 2011
Jan 032011

By lunaKM

Hi, I’m luna and I’m fat. Not just fat, but obese, or in medical terms I’m morbidly obese. I’m comfortable being fat. It’s who I am and how I see the world. I like that I’m soft and curvy. My embracing being fat has become a enlightening experience.

What’s this ”privacy”?

 Posted by on December 9, 2010
Dec 092010

By Rayne

Because of our dynamic, and the fact that writing about my life as a slave has become a major part of our life, I really don’t get much privacy. It starts at home, where the only time I’m allowed to close the door is when I’m going to the bathroom.

Holier than Thou Pride

 Posted by on October 16, 2010
Oct 162010

by Megan Andelloux

Hopping into a cab to catch a train into New York, I noticed a post on the cab driver’s dashboard that stated “Remember, God is in Control”. I braced myself for it…and yes, it came. “Do you love Jesus?”

Ugh. This was not the cab in which I wanted to be.

Independently Owned and Operated

 Posted by on July 18, 2010
Jul 182010

by Viola

A few days ago, my partner and I went to Provincetown, Massachusetts for a day trip. For those who aren’t familiar with the queer fabulousness that is P-town, it’s a picturesque Cape Cod resort destination that caters to the LGBTQ crowd. When you walk down the main street, it looks like it’s Pride weekend, but it’s not – just rainbow-tastic.