Paying the bills requires a day job, but her real passion comes out on the weekends. Over the last decade Morghan has worked in areas including employee training, coaching, sales and education. By bringing these skills to the promotion of kink she has the best of both worlds. You’ll find her supporting balanced BDSM through workshops, discussions and the retail side, vending. Prior ventures include Maine’s TNG group and the creation of Vanilla Twist, an education and discussion group in Portland, Maine. She focuses on facilitating and promoting healthy communities of people and exploring the D/s dynamics possible within BDSM relationships. Read Full Profile ...


 Posted by on December 28, 2012
Dec 282012

The ancient Romans loved their gods, and they had many.  Modern society could probably use a few more gods to grant us perspective and the occasional favor.  Regardless of how much any person believed in the divine existence of the dozens of deities, they still served a purpose.  The polytheistic world gave people a focus […]

Becoming Badass

 Posted by on December 7, 2012
Dec 072012
Becoming Badass

There’s something of a crisis of celebrity in kink world.  There just aren’t enough superstars for us to look up to.  This is completely opposite of what we hear about mainstream society, where celebrity worship is blamed for the downfall of society on a regular basis.  Kink-dom does have a few who qualify for name-in-lights […]

In Praise of Closed Doors

 Posted by on November 28, 2012
Nov 282012
In Praise of Closed Doors

In an earlier column I discussed the idea of kinky community as a collection of smaller groups rather than one great behemoth.  I looked at the idea that perhaps we have gotten so large, so encompassing in our demographics and sub-groups that one definition of ‘us’ is ill-fitting and due for a makeover.  The bigger […]

Vetting the Volunteer

 Posted by on October 10, 2012
Oct 102012
Vetting the Volunteer

There I was, like so many others in the lunchrooms of corporate America, watching a coworker read 50 Shades of Grey.  She asked my opinion, and I politely declined to share it.  I haven’t read the book.  I’m not interested in passing judgment on the book.  Plenty of other folks have read it and rendered […]

Con-Tribes – Temporary Community

 Posted by on September 19, 2012
Sep 192012
Con-Tribes - Temporary Community

We most often think of community in a permanent way.  Whether we’re talking neighborhoods or social networks, the idea is the community is always there.  You can be a part of it for years, and at levels varying from lurker to leader.  Munches are going on all the time, parties happen, people chat online, and […]

Choosing a Name

 Posted by on August 5, 2012
Aug 052012
Choosing a Name

What is it with names?  In the world of BDSM we have the opportunity to choose our own names, something rare in the rest of our lives.  The names we choose speak volumes.  Yes there are photos, art, and other creative ways to describe ourselves, but our names come first.  We choose scene names to […]

Jul 082012
Community, What the hell does that mean?

The world is incredibly big, and we?  We are individuals, small in the big picture.  To deal with that, we develop ideas that help us get along.  We develop the idea of family, of community, of national identity.  Each idea fits in context to shape our experiences in life.  This is true for kinksters as […]

When you Leave the Scene…

 Posted by on September 15, 2011
Sep 152011

By Morgan When you leave the scene, it doesn’t leave you. I’ve lost count of the number of times a guy I’ve been involved with who at some point decided to leave the scene, only to come back in six months with a sob story and apology. My usual response is to send him straight […]

A Dominant’s Obligation of Due Care

 Posted by on August 23, 2011
Aug 232011

By Morghan

A deeply neglected aspect of community safety in my opinion, is that of Due Care by the top. According to the definition of Due Care is “The effort made by an ordinary prudent or reasonable party to avoid harm to another, taking the circumstances into account.”