I'm a fem black queer dyke who is new to the world of kink. I have a background in Elementary/Early Childhood Ed but shifting focus on teaching the arts and adult sexual education. I am also a poet and a writer, recently starting my own sex blog entitled "Indigo's Theory". I am about liberating every woman's experience of themselves so that they feel comfortable in their chosen identities. I am always in the inquiry and exploring new possibilities for my sexuality. If there is anyone out there who is new to the community and wondering what its like, feel free to pick my brain. Read Full Profile...

May 092011

By Indigo

From Pageant Mom to Handler to Sash Widow : Being the Girlfriend of International Ms Leather 2011

I am pleased to announce that this year’s International Ms Leather 2011 (IMsL) is my lovely girlfriend Sara Vibes. IMsL is a competition to determine the women that will represent the leather community

Apr 122011

By Indigo

Recently, my partner V and I have been celebrating our poly firsts. I had my first play date without her at Dark Odyssey Winter Fire and V has been traveling for the first time on her own which we have been calling “independent girl time.” We are both beginning to attend new events and parties that help us further explore various sexual practices and having sex with amazing hot individuals. Every day, we pat ourselves on the back for all the hard work we’ve done to get to this place in our poly relationship.

Polyamory and Play Events

 Posted by on March 12, 2011
Mar 122011

By Indigo

I have always thought that polyamory had the ability to challenge and strengthen the muscles of communication in a relationship. Nothing challenges a poly relationship more than a play event.

This past weekend V and I attended Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire (DOWF), a hotel event with sex ed workshops, parties and open play spaces.

Jan 312011

By Indigo

I find it funny that Nina Hartley knows the dynamics of my relationship. My partner V and Nina became fast friends after they met at a workshop at the Pleasure Chest in New York. V started spending time with Nina when she came to town and I knew V went to her when we were struggling in our relationship