Is Monogamy Natural?

 Posted by on February 12, 2013
Feb 122013
Is Monogamy Natural?

As I continue to grow and evolve, my perspectives often change and expand.  This is normal for anyone who is a seeker of truth.  The rabbit hole of knowledge is an infinite bottomless pit that expands for infinity.  The more you discover, the more your views broaden. With that being said, there was a time […]

The Monogamy Myth

 Posted by on January 20, 2013
Jan 202013
The Monogamy Myth

Kate Bornstein wrote about the modern imperative for identity in her landmark book, “Gender Outlaw”.  Identity is the “need to belong” to a recognizable group, and in her opinion, this is particularly true in regard to gender and sexuality. “Monogamous” is one of the largest self-identified sexual identities, and according to at least one study, […]

Experiments for Better Sex: Part 2

 Posted by on October 12, 2012
Oct 122012
Experiments for Better Sex: Part 2

This article is a continuation of Experiments for Better Sex: Part 1 So now for the specifics… 1. Identify The first thing you have to do is take a good look at your sex life and identify what’s going on. Admit you have a problem, in other words. Ask yourself—and your partner—two questions: What do […]

Rolling with it

 Posted by on March 30, 2011
Mar 302011

By Rayne

In the beginning of our relationship, we were monogamous. M wanted to keep me to himself, and I wasn’t able to deal with my significant other having sex or a relationship with someone else. You see, I was just out of an extremely emotionally and physically abusive relationship