Feminist Porn Conference Write Up

 Posted by on May 9, 2013
May 092013
Feminist Porn Conference Write Up

Scheduling a conference in Toronto 2 days before I moved cross country from Boston to the Bay Area wasn’t the most efficient choice I’ve ever made, but it was still a really, really good choice! The first ‘Feminist Porn Conference’ was full of intelligent, articulate, inspiring academic & industry experts and a group of attendees […]

The UnSlut Project

 Posted by on May 1, 2013
May 012013
The UnSlut Project

Despite all the societal and cultural advances women have made over the past century, female sexuality is often still viewed as somehow threatening and dangerous. This perception is not lost on children and young adults, and its ramifications are apparent in the sexual bullying that pervades middle schools and high schools. The fact that the […]

Apr 082013
The 1st Annual Feminist Porn Conference Draws Hundreds to University of Toronto

TORONTO (April 8, 2013)—The First Annual Feminist Porn Conference was held at the University of Toronto on April 6, 2013 and drew nearly 250 attendees. This one-day conference brought together academics, cultural critics, performers, directors, producers, sex workers, activists, students, and fans to explore the emergence of feminist porn as a genre, industry, field of […]

Apr 042013
Multiple Identities = Multiple Forms of Oppression

By Shanna Katz

I’m part of the LGBTQ community. Sometimes it isn’t that great; I have less rights than many members of our society, I can be fired just for being queer in many states, and while hate crimes laws exist, it doesn’t prohibit bullying of folks like me, the stares, being yelled at and told I’m sinning, and so on.

“High Shine” Kickstarter Countdown

 Posted by on March 14, 2013
Mar 142013
"High Shine" Kickstarter Countdown

This April marks a special anniversary of the International Ms Bootblack Contest and as part of the celebration we are creating a documentary about bootblacking, women bootblacks and the IMsBB Contest. The “High Shine: 15 Years of International Ms Bootblack” Kickstarter is down to an hourly countdown–it ends ***8:59pm SATURDAY (PST)*** Every dollar counts…all additional […]

Mar 132013
Fess Up When You Fuck Up: Being Overly Attached To The Outcome

During one particular performance in the last couple of years I was too attached to the outcome of a scene/performance that I acted in a way that I’m not terribly proud of. It’s difficult to admit to mistakes, especially when perfectionism is something of struggle, but I think it’s important to talk about times when […]

Mar 012013
Jacq Jones - Owner of "Sugar" Sex Toy Shop

When did you open Sugar and what inspired you to do so? Sugar opened in April of 2007. Previous to opening Sugar I worked in reproductive health care and sexuality education in both clinical and administrative settings. I had the opportunity to work in a sex positive sex toy store and was thrilled to be […]

Ecstatic Dance – How free can you dance?

 Posted by on February 24, 2013
Feb 242013
Ecstatic Dance - How free can you dance?

Sometime ago I was watching a young child hear the rhythm of music and unconsciously translate it into joyful movement. She wasn’t more than a couple dozen months old. She could barely walk, and yet the music made her effortlessly move – up, down, jiggle, wave, stomp – whatever! She was a bubbling euphoric conduit […]