Fuzzy Consent

 Posted by on September 1, 2013
Sep 012013
Fuzzy Consent

The issue of consent has been growing both within and without the kink community in the past few years. Recently the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom began their “Consent Counts” campaign, endeavoring to teach local law enforcement officials the difference between assault and kink. The difference, of course, is the consent of the individuals involved. […]

Aug 222013
Okay, Cupid! (and other horny people on the internet)

By Viola

I am on OkCupid. While I don’t specify that I’m poly, I list myself as “available” instead of “single” and made a point to answer all of the kink-related questions so that the little picture of the dominatrixesque butt shows up on my profile to act as a filter. I specify “no men, no couples.”

Aug 022013
A DD/lg Relationship: Starting Out

DD/lg First Steps: BDSM Scene Negotiation Checklist, by Daddy Vinnie The stars have aligned, the sun shines brightly, joy and happiness are on the lips of all your friends and family, something tingles from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.   You’ve met a “Little,” someone with that innocent, tender mix […]

Mr. Unintentional Irony

 Posted by on July 28, 2013
Jul 282013
Mr. Unintentional Irony

It may shock you to learn that I, who fancy myself a writer, appreciate words. Words have meanings, and using the right word helps us to communicate effectively. I’m also a huge proponent of proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Among other things, my love and respect for language are right there in almost every online […]

Jul 202013
Female Masturbation: Why the Taboo Needs to End

Women aren’t really encouraged to get to know their bodies, especially when it comes to genitalia. They are taught from a young age that touching themselves “down there” is bad and that we shouldn’t touch, sniff, taste or even look at their genitals. Women are taught that our sexual pleasure and gratification doesn’t matter and […]

Jun 202013
Casual Sex Relationship Types: Pros and Cons

Broadly speaking, casual sex is sex with little to no emotional attachment or romantic commitment to the partner. But not all casual hookups are created equal. Different types of no strings sex can serve different purposes, and have different pros and cons that will work for some but not for others. I’ve had loads of casual […]